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Mewtwo Gijinka by ZuzuTheMudkip Mewtwo Gijinka by ZuzuTheMudkip
And as promised a girly girl Mewtwo one. Tried to make her the exsact opposite of what most think of Mewtwo, but still make sense for the pokemon. gah, uselly I try to stray away from the legends, since there so often drawn and compleatly over rated, but I felt the need to do this. I regret nothing!

Name: No. 7217 (Wendy)
Species: Anthropomorphic Mewtwo
Gender: Female
Age: 2 (looks around 12, maybe?)
Powers: Telekinesis, Mind Reading, Other Psychic Powers, Super Human strength, Recovering, Other “Mewtwo” Powers
Nature: Timid
Key Items: Machine Part, Key Card, Doll, Blue Prints
Likes: peace and quiet, Small animals, floating, Cinnamon buns
Dislikes: loud, annoying sound and/or voices, those who try to control others
Biggest fear: Confronting others (It’s both rational and irrational at the same time. :D )
Biggest pet peeve: People who try to control other’s thoughts and feelings through force
Personality: All tough she seems to be sweet and cute, and at some rate she really is shy, having been born somewhat matured for a newborn, not too long ago, thus tends to be more on the timid side. Even so, she has no lacking in confidence, and is completely aware of her own immense powers, however being as confident as she is, 2717 does not feel the need to demonstrate these powers. She’d be nearly darn perfect if she could get over her fears of talking to people.
Biography: Five years after Mewtwo escaped and destroyed the Fire Mansion on Cinnabar Island several Team Rocket members ravaged the ruins only to find notes left in it by scientist whom had died in the destruction. Intrigued by this; Giovanni Set up a small hunt for the necessary items to attempt to recreate this creature that destroyed the building in the past though the technology stolen from Cinnabar’s Lab across the way. After a few missed tries, Giovanni lost interest, and the project was put on hold, or so they thought, for Team Rocket had a few scientist who actually in it for their love of science or for personal reasons, with all the time in the world continued to try to clone Mewtwo. 2717 was born created though these experiments; to this day they still haven’t had any success in cloning the Genetic Pokémon without mixing it’s DNA with something else.

Yes, for her name I did type random numbers for her name, well I didn't use the first one; I kept going until I found one I thought look good. Yes, later on she gets a "more human" name, after all she was born it a lab as "Rocket Experiment 2717”. The “Rocket” scientist didn’t care enough to name all their creations. (In other words that’s a hint that I may or may not draw up some Mew/Mewtwo hybrids as failed as experiments.) I might make a series using Sean and Wendy. Next up is the weakling Pokémon Celebi. So far he looks like SasUKE or Neku. :x He is not a wannabe emo or an actual emo! Stupid angst characters and their stupid similar hair! And you know what else, I’ll bet he’s still more ninja than Sauce-Uke. It works for Celebi, and he’s not at all emo, he’s a psychotic evil genius! I’m having a hard time coming up with a name though… I was thinking Cyan, it makes no sense! :D
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swordbunny4486 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2008
ZuzuTheMudkip Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2008
Thanks! :heart: Thanks for the :+fav: as well! :D
mischiefinmink Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2008
Awww so cute! XD I especially love the dress!

*steal the dress*
A few seconds later...
*die because of psychic attack* XP
ZuzuTheMudkip Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2008
Thanks! I worked hard on the dress so that makes me really happy hear, I based Sweet Lolita fashion. :aww:
Thanks for the :+fav: too! :hug:

mischiefinmink Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2008
*is revived*

Aww you're welcome ^^ I love lolita fashion, I think they're cute :D
ZuzuTheMudkip Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2008
I agree. :D
SombraStudio Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2008
Dude...I was gonna do that too. :XD: I made a masculine Mew character too...unfortunately I can't put it up here...Hehehe...^^; But his name's Damien.

And I was gonna come up with a girly Mewtwo character, but it was gonna still be a guy. So basically a femboy Mewtwo.

But your character's really cute! I love her dress.

You and your are basically doing the same thing by coming up with masculine or feminine versions different pokemon that are either too masculine or feminine.
ZuzuTheMudkip Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2008
Really? :XD: I started mine a while ago, around the same time as I finished Sean. Just procrastinated... ^^; Awww, that sucks, why?... :( Nice name though. A girly-boy Mewtwo? Instant win! :thumbsup:

Thanks! I based her dress on Mewtwo's physical characteristics and Sweet Lolita. :aww: Funny how little purple Mewtwo has.

Hmm... Sept, I'm no good at drawing muscle-bob, DBZ types of character from my head. ^^; Hmmm, who will my next victim be? Clafairy, Deoxys, Mr. Mime, Gardevoir? Gardevoir wouldn’t really be as hard as you’d think. And if I did make a Mr. Mime, not only would I have to make it feminine but a Mime as well. Mr. Mime has been offensive to Mimes everywhere for long enough!
SombraStudio Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2008
Yep. Girly boy Mewtwo. :XD: I think I'm gonna make character sheets of all of them too with their anthro, full pokemon, and kemonomini forms.

Don't they already have a male Gardevoir? They made a male version. Galade I think it is (or something like that). None of my masculine ones were gonna be muscular, just...masculine. Do Clefairy! I wanna do Wigglytuff. One as a femboy and one as a more masculine one. ^^; And there needs to be a Mrs. Mime. And yes! She needs to be an actual mime! :XD:
ZuzuTheMudkip Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2008
Yah, but I wanted to make one changing as little as I possibly can… I’ve already have some ideas for Man-Clafairy’s character design. Yesssss, do it! I was also thinking of drawing a Jigglypuff one.
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September 12, 2008
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